Growing up being creative was in my nature, although I wasn't dreaming of becoming a photographer, I always took pictures and enjoyed scrapbooking as a way to preserve my own memories. Never did I imagine I would create a meaningful career of doing that for others! Being able to capture the joy of two people in love has in turn brought joy into my life as well. I thank god often for the opportunities for travel memories I can cherish and the amazing couples he has brought into my life through photography.

Photographer, Interior Designer, Dreamer

Meet Kelsey!

It's very important to me that my clients get to know who's behind the lens in order to feel comfortable and confident in my ability to capture them beautifully! The best photos are forged with authenticity and personal connection. So here I am to lay out everything about me on the web. Do we have anything in common?
I like to consider myself an old soul, full of passions and dreams that I'm just burning inside to accomplish. I'm not soft-spoken, I love fun, and energy, and bold! You may look at me and see a savvy city girl, which is probably because I love fashion, but nature calls me in all aspects, and surprisingly I feel the calmest near geothermal areas like volcanoes. As I travel, I feel like I've found new a missing piece of myself, and that feeling is so invigorating. A few hard moments in life has taught me the meaning of family and to value my time with them, along with how precious the unconditional the love my fur-baby is. It's not always easy, but being selfless for them is more rewarding than anything of monetary value. 

"The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday."

- Tony Robbins

100% authentic!


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Shot Glasses

Adam Sandler

My college love who entered the military 8 years into our relationship. We were pretty much inseparable until then. He's a bit feisty and shy but would ultimately give you the shirt off his back. He enjoys working on Helicopters and hope to be a pilot.


The newest addition to our family! We adopted Shamus from a food-market rescue shelter in Incheon, Korea while stationed in the country for a short time. He's a beautiful Malamute boy who is the most loving big-baby and has plenty of energy to play all day


The sweetie pie to melt your heart. Kora is a red husky female with mesmerizing blue eyes. She became part of our family just after I graduated college. She loves to run for days but ultimately if she had a favorite kind of day I think she would agree with


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Peach Tea

I'm obsessed with love.

I love to shoot weddings because:

My Grandma

My favorite person in the world is:

Out Sailing

When it's not wedding season, I'm:

Daddy-Daughter Dance

My favorite part of a wedding is the:

a National Park Ranger

If I weren't a photographer, I'd love to be:

Need a Foot Massage

During wedding season, I usually:







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