As a bride you have to decide what you value most for your wedding. Is it the dress? The food? The Venue? After the celebration is over, you leave your reception with a spouse & your pictures... That’s it! All of that long hard planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours! It’s hard to believe! So if you’re investing in high-quality photography to capture your wedding day, then those images also deserve a classy and displayable home after the wedding.  Champagne & Pearl offers high end, thick page, lay-flat Legacy Albums for all of my wedding clients. The images are printed straight onto the pages and the covers are wrapped with top quality materials. This is the perfect ending to The Wedding Experience and it’s a keepsake that you will be showing your all your relatives, friends, children and grandchildren one day!

Preserve the memories you hold so dear.

12 x 12



Starting at $400

Available sizes for your album are 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12. Each package contains a different size to take note of, you are able to upgrade your album for additional cost.
Each album starts with 20pages (10 spreads) and goes up from there, each additional spread is $25/per.

Album Size











Standard package finishes consist of Linen or Leatherette color choices. All upgraded albums may choose any material. 


Album Cover 

Custom text and embossing can be applied to any album for additional cost, however, it is included for upgraded albums. Painted text can be any color!
Painted Text ($10) | Embossing ($50) - See Embossing Choices Below

Cover Text Style



Include a free cameo window featuring an image of your selection to the front of your album. Not available on silk or crystal covers.

cameo window


The parent book is a 6x6 album size duplicate version of your album. 
Add for ($100)

Parent album


Thank you for submitting your album order. I will be sending a confirmation email your way within 24-48 business hours. Thank you for your patience!

Thank You

To complete your album order please fill out all of the fields  to the right. Any options that say "standard" are included in the package cost. Upgraded options are shown above and may be selected to quote you a custom album!   Typically an 8x8 Linen or Leatherette album with 20 pages is included.

Once your order is placed, the album is made from scratch. This takes about 2-3 weeks. Generally standard shipping is 14-21 days. An expedited shipping option is available at additional cost. This doesn't expedite the actual album design process  but takes the shipping time down to about 1 week. 

How long until my album is delivered?

Once your online gallery is delivered we can begin to design the album. The photographer will collage images into a timeline of your day and send you an online link via email to view and approve the design. This takes about 1 week from start to finish if revisions are needed. After the final design is approved, the order is placed and ready to be created.

how long does the design and order process take?

8x8 is the happy medium while the 10x10 brings you that wow factor when you view your images on the panoramic pages. Personally I love the 6x6 though because of the convenience of it. It's small enough to almost fit anywhere in the livingroom and can even be put in a purse when traveling to see family. 

What album Size is best for me?

The cost of the album is factored into the cost of your package when the package states it's included. If you are looking to purchase an album separately, then depending on your selections, you can expect at a minimum of $400 for a 6"x6" album. Certain selections may add additional cost if your package doesn't include an upgraded album as well. 

How much will my album cost?

The high quality of these albums means they are durable and soft to touch. Real linen and leather allows you to feel the texture of the material as you hold the album in your hands. 

What texture are the album covers?

Your package comes with all of the digital files, however those files get buried on the computer or hard drive somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Purchasing an album gives you a tangible product that can be displayed, traveled with, and viewed over and over again by visitors and family, Especially your own children! Nothing could compare to your child looking at the photos on the couch with their little finger pointing with a big grin getting excited to see how beautiful you look. 

Why should I order an Album?

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