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My name is Kelsey DeJesus and I'm a creative human being that decided to become a photographer. 
There were many idolizing jobs I dreamed about as a little girl and surprisingly photographer wasn't one of them, however turning what I love to do into a passionate career has been such a rewarding experience. 
Growing up being creative was in my nature, although I wasn't dreaming of becoming a photographer, I always took pictures and enjoyed scrapbooking as a way to preserve my own memories. Never did I imagine I would create a meaningful career of doing that for others! Being able to capture the joy of two people in love has in turn brought joy into my life as well. I thank god often for the opportunities for travel memories I can cherish and the amazing couples he has brought into my life through photography.

Meet Kelsey

Savannah Wedding Photographer | Kelsey DeJesus New Blog


Welcome to the new Champagne & Pearl blog! We recently moved to Savannah, Georgia, and this wedding photographer is excited to start a new journey and share it with anyone interested in reading. The blog has been in the works for months, as I’m not the best, nor the creative writer. So you can imagine, it’s such a relief to finally launch! Now that the hard part is over, it’s full throttle ahead.

A stereotype of a blog would be a place someone types about daily life and releases opinions on whatever topic comes to mind. The point of this blog isn’t so much based on my opinion. It will feature various engagement sessions and weddings, while also letting you into my personal world of travel and growing a photography business. Savannah is such a beautiful place to be a wedding photographer. Sometimes I could pinch myself. The posts I share inevitably also function as a time capsule of my own experiences to look back on one day!

What you’ll discover in my content…

When it comes to personal, I’ve never been exceedingly open on social media. It always rubbed me the wrong way when viewing others on social media who over-share about every aspect of their day. That’s just not me! However, I love to explore while trying new things. So that is the perfect part of my life to let everyone into! You can expect personal posts about myself or the lovable shamus, my passion of interior design, and creating things. I think most importantly though, the travel adventures! The personal category can include anything else that’s not photography related.

In some ways, photography isn’t only about the art. It’s also about the business. This includes how photographers work for our clients on the back end, as well as being a legal and tax-paying business. Since I believe in community over competition, you can expect me to view some informational blog posts aimed at helping other aspiring photographers too! All of those resources will be available under the blog’s “business” category.

Right now is such an exciting time and offers tremendous hope for the future! Please take a look around and stay for awhile. Ask questions and interact with a post to build our little Champagne & Pearl community!
Below are a few branding shots another talented Savannah photographer took of me…
Lauren with sweet peony photography
Shot on Sony a7III


savannah wedding photographer holding camera

savannah wedding photographer posing at tree Kesley smiles at camera savannah wedding photographer smiling with hands on hips savannah wedding photographer capturing a spider web savannah wedding photographer posing next to bushes savannah wedding photographer poses with camera in one hand savannah wedding photographer sitting on steps with smile Kelsey leans against fence savannah wedding photographer stands in front of fountainsavannah wedding photographer poses with camera at fountain savannah wedding photographer leaning forward with camera in hands Kelsey makes a funny face at someone

Thanks for checking this blog out!
View Shamus’s adoption story here.

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  1. liz says:

    I love your work!! where you located? I maybe interested in scheduling!

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