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Once all applications are submitted the process to select the chosen individuals to receive a free photo story session will begin. Those selected will be contacted and notified of next steps, and anyone not selected may receive 50% off a full session. 

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks For Your Interest!

The team is comprised of current seniors who need/want a senior session. In return for telling all your friends and hyping them up to get their own session "word of mouth referral", you receive rewards for your efforts. Like free photos. 

What is the Senior Team?

You just need to be yourself! Talk to your friends and family like you normally would and be excited about your senior photos. Every so often you would join in on some of the group photoshoots and fun activities as a member of the senior team. 

What will I need to do?

After we shoot your senior session you would share the experience and photos with your friends in hope that they also book their senior session with Champagne & Pearl as well. If they book and use your name you're directly rewarded.

How do I recruit a person?

All senior reps will get a free session ($250 value) and additionally your choice of 30% off any prints or will be able to select (5) free digital files once editing is complete. Additionally each person you recruit will give you a new reward. 

What benefits do I get as a Senior Rep?

Complete rewards will be determined by the group of senior team members based on your application responses, however the first person you recruit to book with Champagne & Pearl, you receive all of the edited digital files from your senior session!

What are the recruit rewards?

This will be determined by the group of senior team members based on your application responses, but ideas you could look forward to are group photoshoots, gift cards to your favorite stores, exclusive group activities like a movie night or travel trip.

What fun activities will we do?

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