Small Intimate Wedding | Pa Mountain Top | Angelina and Josh

My name is Kelsey DeJesus and I'm a creative human being that decided to become a photographer. 
There were many idolizing jobs I dreamed about as a little girl and surprisingly photographer wasn't one of them, however turning what I love to do into a passionate career has been such a rewarding experience. 
Growing up being creative was in my nature, although I wasn't dreaming of becoming a photographer, I always took pictures and enjoyed scrapbooking as a way to preserve my own memories. Never did I imagine I would create a meaningful career of doing that for others! Being able to capture the joy of two people in love has in turn brought joy into my life as well. I thank god often for the opportunities for travel memories I can cherish and the amazing couples he has brought into my life through photography.

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Small Intimate Wedding | Pa Mountain Top | Angelina and Josh


Angelina and Josh’s small intimate mountain top wedding at private estate in Somerset, Pa

I just arrived back from Korea and knew this was the year to really push my business! 2020 started out great! Come February a lot of bookings came in and plans to expand didn’t feel like a dream anymore. Shortly after though, covid hit. A lot of weddings this year were either rescheduled or converted into a  small intimate wedding.

Angelina & Josh’s Beginning

Angelina was my first wedding of 2020. When we spoke on the phone for the first time we immediately clicked! She told me about her venue, and we started talking about different areas to take portraits, which was when we both got so excited. I was personally very excited because the reception area had actual trunks inside! It was certainly a unique place, which was what Angelina liked about it too. Unfortunately due to covid, we had to change the venue to the family’s private residence. Instead of the large wedding they initially planned they decided to change to a smaller and intimate wedding. Luckily, they lived on top of a mountain which allowed us to capture some gorgeous photos! Our communication was totally transparent with the reality of the situation while we reworked the timeline and plans for bridal portraits.

I drove out to Pittsburgh to meet with Angelina & Josh a few months before the wedding, and we went over all the details for the big day. It was really great getting to meet both of them, talk about their lives together, and plans for the future. I immediately loved their “vibe” from the moment they walked in the door of that Panera!
Angelina and Josh met about 8 years prior while out celebrating with the guys/gals. Angelina said she was usually shy but when she saw josh she immediately hit the “fuck it” button and ended up sharing conversation and drinks with him the rest of the evening. They continued as friends for a bit while their love continued to grow. “The rest is history as they say…Finding friendship, acceptance and love all in one is what made us fall in love and want to get married.” – Angelina

The intimate wedding

Come the big day I arrived at the family estate and was blown away by the incredible views! I had an idea of what the wedding would look like from Angelina’s explanations but at that moment I fully understood what Angelina had been trying to tell me that past few months.

The whole family was so sweet and made me feel right at home. They even said “you have such a beautiful smile, let me take a photo of you”. Once it was time for the first look I prepared them both and motioned for Angelina to start walking. It was so adorable and funny the way Josh reacted. He was so excited and screaming “WOW!”. Even the family got to watch.

For bridal portraits Josh owned a very rare Porsche that they wanted to make sure they took some photos with. It was an experience to ride in the back for sure! We drove to an area of back country-side they loved cruising on summer days and started taking photos. We had a lot of fun because that was all of our personalities! After the ceremony and dinner I was taking a break outside and saw how gorgeous the sun set was and immediately pulled them away for some sunset shots on the hill top. Those sunset photos are our favorite ones!



Invitations: The Knot
Dress: BHLD – Dress name is “The Blake”
Makeup: Danielle Mock
Hair: Danielle Mock
Flowers: Schrader’s of Johnstown
Pianist: Ron Bickel
Food: The Fat Squirrel
Cake: Confections by Christina Elisabeth
Venue: Green Gables (moved to private estate).


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  1. Nataly says:

    What a beautiful wedding!! Love the colors they chose. P.S. What a gorgeous bride!

  2. Maria says:

    Wow…beautiful. Love the detail shots and those at the end of the day with the sunset.

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