You shouldn’t have to be a complete computer whiz or understand multiple programs to make your website and brand recognizable, cohesive, and absolutely "you".
The easy blueprint to build a website is simple: strategic design elements for high-conversion rates, your professional content, and  an easy to navigate client experience, creates your  "Expert Level Website".
So are you ready to level up your website so it actually does the job it’s supposed to do? We can help you accomplish just that! Your new site will now look and feel just as good as it will work for your business. Once a potential client lands on your customized homepage, they’ll immediately want to explore all you have to offer. 

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Does your current website fit your personality and brand?

elevating your Business to Really wow your dream clients

design to elevate your business

With a bottle of BUBBLY WEBSITE DESIGN, you get...

Custimizable Website Design 

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Matching Wordpress Blog

Access to designer support

get piece of mind that you have support.

We'll do all the fancy computer work to complete your website re-brand, and then hold your hand after the design is over to make sure you have all the tools you need to update later. If you ever need support, we'll be your tech team after you launch, so you don't have to worry about messing anything up!

Branding for a cohesive look 

Basic SEO

Tired of wondering why your website isn't attracting clients?

Want a website that truly fits your personality and matches your brand but lack new ideas?

Feeling overwhelmed by the process of trying  to create your own website?

You’ve had enough of spending days with flaws in click through links, maintaining consistency in design, or updating your website as you grow?

This is for you if you're....

We know you have big dreams when it comes to your business, so you're growing brand needs a high-performing, high-converting website, which is a key piece to help you get there, and consistency is key! 

You value the uniqueness of your brand and all the hard work put into making it something special. You have enough on your plate coming up with all the new content and ideas. You shouldn’t have to also build everything on your website from scratch, learn special marketing strategies, or understand design and color theories to make that sale happen.

Now you don't have to! FEEL CONFIDENT THAT A LIVE DESIGNER IS THERE TO HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT with all the must-have details for your new website design.






A                 WEBSITE


(Plus, a personal designer to help you make it happen!)

When you choose to build a website on your own, it can feel like you’re mixing together a bunch of pieces that you don’t totally understand. It can be exhausting to choose the right website platform, find or discover the perfect design for you, and then start building and customizing it on your own. Only later to uncover that you accidentally messed up the whole thing, and potentially get discouraged to continuing working on it in the process.

We all know most website templates feel like a tangible product that sits on a bookshelf. If you need help, will someone be there to help guide on how to do what you're looking for? What if you don't want it to be "exactly" like the template? Instead of sticking with a basic template, when you choose a Bottle of Bubby Design as your website creator, you get a personal designer to tailor every inch of your site to match your personal branding.

custom: completely new and branded site design starting at $3000

Full: site design from pre-purchased template starting at $1097

Basic: pre-purchased template branding modifications starting at $795


We will review the new design changes as we go to stay on track. Afterwards, you’ll receive a guide with tips and tricks for building and customizing your site later as you want to update.

Design & Customize

step 03

Let's get on a Zoom call and meet "in-person" to review all your website design needs. This ensures we are a perfect fit to work together. You don't fit every brand's pair of jeans right? 

Let's Chat!

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Take a look at the questionnaire so we can understand who your personal brand is and what you hope for it to be. Branding is a serious investment of both time and money!

The Questionaire

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how it works

It understandable that customizing a website can be frustrating, so after each design, you are provided with a guide full of tips, tricks, tutorials, and training to help you navigate through any customizing you'll want to make later. I promise it's easier than you think! No software or coding experience required. Plus, if you get stuck at any point, rest easy knowing you have designer support available to jump in at any time.

your complete safety net!

Trouble shooting

The Showit platform is a one-of-kind website builder, allowing users to customize practically anything you can think of! Once you get the hang of what to click where, then you can say "sayonara" to the days of gut wrenching anxiety over every little change, having to Google or YouTube how to do something, waiting on big company support agents when something doesn't go right, or choosing a basic template that hundreds of other people have.
Even if you’re the "everything goes wrong when I'm around type", you'll be able to customize you new site in a snap, because everything will already be set up for you by a knowledgeable designer, plus you'll have every resource needed to show you what to do next.  Making it easier and quicker for you to hit publish on your new, more profitable website and get back to the reason why you started your business!

so simple


When I started my photography business, I was on the cusp of sending my twin girls to college. It was all I could do to purchase professional equipment, much less design a professional website. I found someone who was willing to give it a try and her bare bones design carried me through for years. I knew my site needed to be updated desperately but was just too busy and overwhelmed with the process to even begin. I mean, people pay thousands just to get branding before they even begin their website design. It was just too much! One day I was connected with Kelsey on a shared photography FB group. She offered to update my site. I took one look at her site and told her that I if I could get even a little bit of the beautifulness that she had on her site, I would be thrilled! What did I have to lose?
We texted back and forth a few times and within about an hour Kelsey sent me my style board. I was FLOORED! It was ME! Every single color, font and image was totally my aesthetic. I immediately gave her the green light to just go for it!
Kelsey quickly began to build the site. She had great ideas of how to make the site more modern yet laid back and simple to match my personality. She initiated content for the site as well. My site is interesting, earthy, beautiful and informative. It showcases my work perfectly and truly gives potential clients a clear look at who I am as a person and professional.
As impressive as this all sounds, I saved the best for last. Would you even believe that she completed my website in less than a week while also working a full time job??? It’s true! I was so thrilled with the entire process from start to finish. I get compliments on my site all the time and have received more bookings than ever since the update.

carol williams

before ⟶

After ⟶

I get compliments on my site all the time and have received more bookings than ever since the update

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YOUR new go to WEBSITE guru


A cohesive brand-board aesthetic with every color and font of your brand labeled for you!

Professionally designed and customizable Showit website design for photographers and other creative business owners.

Pre-set site layouts called a "canvas" for simple drag and drop options to change and update as you add more content to your site.

The basic SEO you need for your dream clients to start finding you easier.


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